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about the pray for me campaign


The Pray for Me Campaign flows out of over two decades of ministry to hundreds of churches and youth leaders by the Chattanooga Youth Network. The Chattanooga Youth Network was established in 1994 to strategically serve the Chattanooga and North Georgia regions’ ministry efforts. Since its founding, CYN has connected, coached and cared for youth leaders across denominational and racial lines to advance the effort of bringing the greatness of God to the next generation.

In recent years we have become increasingly affected by the rise in students leaving the church. Sticky Faith's research found this unsettling national statistic: 40-50% of students from good youth groups and families will drift from God and the church after high school. This has become a pebble in our shoe reminding us with every step that something must be done to address this problem. The Pray for Me Campaign began to emerge as we combined what we knew to be true in Scripture with the research stating that the role of adult believers is indispensable in passing on a sustainable faith to the next generation. Our question became:

How can we connect more adults with more young people more naturally than ever before?

The Pray for Me Campaign was born out of this question. We believe every young person needs a team of Prayer Champions strategically praying for them. The Pray for Me Campaign creates a vast web of intergenerational relationships for young people and equips adult believers to pass on a sustainable faith to the next generation.

May God be praised. 

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