The Adaptability of the Pray for Me Campaign

In our experience, the Pray for Me Campaign has maximum impact on relationships within churches, communities, and organizations when the simple exchange of the words "will you pray for me?" happens. The acts of requesting prayer and responding play an intricate part in creating bonds between generations, and it is through those prayerful bonds that real relationships are born. One of the coolest things about the Pray for Me Campaign is it's ability to mold to individual churches and organizations. While maintaining its core element of adults praying for young people through the prayer guide, many ministries are finding unique ways to apply the goodness of the campaign to their particular needs.

Recently, Tony Souder, the founder of the Pray for Me Campaign and author of the Prayer Guide, was asked to speak at a launch of the PFMC at Walker State Prison. The leaders of Returning Hearts Prison Ministry wanted to implement a program that would empower the inmates during their time in prison to pray for their children and families at home. Each man received a copy of the Children's  Edition of the Prayer Guide which is equipping inmates to give blessings to their children and to be a part of their children's spiritual growth. One inmate explained to Tony the impact of the Pray for Me Campaign on the men at the launch, "We're not like normal parents, who are able to daily engage with our kids—all we have is prayer." The Pray for Me Campaign gives these men a tool to help them be loving, Christian fathers through the powerful avenue of prayer.

Camp Vesper Point, a Christian summer camp near Chattanooga is launching the Pray for Me Campaign this summer for their staff of young people. Camp leadership is requesting that each of the staff members ask three adults from three different generations to pray for them each day of the summer. Each counselor will be covered in prayer the entire summer as they minister to their campers, and so the power of each Prayer Champion's prayers will trickle down and affect hundreds of young people. 

These are examples of the diversity of the Pray for Me Campaign. From parents asking other adults to pray for their little children, to youth in student ministry asking Prayer Champions to pray for them on their own, to inmates praying for their kids, the Pray for Me Campaign changes lots of lives. 

Let us know how the PFMC could look like for you! Or, let us help you brainstorm creative ideas for YOUR launch. Comment below or contact us now!