Life in the Office


At 8:30 am I walk into the office to find Mary Elizabeth, our ministry assistant, busily answering emails and drinking coffee out of yet another mug brought from home to add to the collection on the shelf behind her.  A seasonal candle burns on her desk, and she’s already playing music from one of our favorite Spotify playlists, currently a Christmas one of course.  This warm ambiance offers me, not quite a morning person, a quiet easing into the day.  


Later Cristina, our Hispanic Ministry Coordinator and really all things tech person, presents a brilliant idea for a marketing video and proceeds to direct it like a pro while Mary Elizabeth and I make our best attempts at acting.  Just a glimpse for you of the various hats we each wear here in the life of a nonprofit.  Follow us on social media to see some of these lovely videos! 

Meanwhile, Executive Director Tony Souder and Director of Ministry Connections Zach Wyatt bustle in and out of the office diligently meeting with youth pastors, donors, and other ministries, both ultimately dedicated to sharing their vision to raise up a gospel-driven next generation.  However, when they are in the office, they are present.  What I mean by this is that they and my other coworkers engage with each person here as a unique and valued team member.  I witness firsthand their hearts for intergenerational relationships simply in how they treat me each day.  They each take time to update me on recent projects, ask for my opinion when making decisions, and encourage me in my work.


On my first day, Tony, his wife Rhonda, and Mary Elizabeth even sat and ate lunch with me specifically to get to know me better and pray for my time working at CYN.  They prayed that my work here would help further God’s kingdom.  What a unique privilege it is that the work I do here, whether researching grants, writing a blog, or making an Instagram video, is contributing to God’s larger story of mobilizing the Church to reach the youth, ultimately to build His kingdom.  As a recipient of this team’s prayers and welcoming spirit, I have glimpsed the passion they have for pouring into people and cultivating relationships.  It is so refreshing to watch this team live out in the office daily the mission they are working toward locally and globally.  


I am so thankful to be working at the Youth Network alongside this faithful team.  Please pray for us as we continue striving to build God’s Kingdom at CYN in the new year!