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Check out the three steps below and download the Instruction Manual for more details.


step 1: register your church

  • Register your church!!

  • Choose a Campaign Coordinator to plan and organize the Pray for Me Campaign at your church.

  • Choose a date for your church's Launch Event. We recommend launching the Campaign at the beginning of each school year.

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STEP 2: Prepare your church

  • To begin, download the Instruction Manual for all the details on how to prepare for and launch the Pray for Me Campaign at your church
  • Have the adults in your church sign up to be Prayer Champions. Check out the Videos and Printables page to download sign-up sheets and bulletin inserts.
  • Get the word out to students and their families about what the Pray for Me Campaign is and how they can be involved.
  • Order Prayer Guides for each Prayer Champion. 


The Pray for Me Campaign can be launched within a youth ministry, a children’s ministry, or both simultaneously. For youth ministry launches, each student in 6th–12th grade invites three adults to be his or her Prayer Champions for the year. For children’s ministry launches, families with children in 5th grade and below invite three Prayer Champions as a unit to pray for all of their elementary-aged and younger children. 

step 3: have a launch event

The Launch Event is the time when students and families will invite adults in the church to be their Prayer Champions for a school year. Check out the launch videos below to get a feel for what a Pray for Me Campaign launch event could look like in your church.