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The Student Prayer Guide is a tool specifically designed to help you become faithful in prayer for yourselves, your peers, and those who don’t know Jesus as their Savior. Taste the sweetness of turning Scripture into prayer and experience the rhythm of life with God using the SeeSavorShare (S3) Discipleship Process.

Grab a Prayer Guide.

Tell your Youth Leader.

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Start praying for your friends.

Spread the word. Get connected.


through prayer we are bringing God's greatness to our generation.


Youth and young adults need the church and the church needs youth and young adults! 

Pray today that you and your friends would run hard after God’s heart, discovering more about His boundless love for His children each day #pray4yourfriends #pfmc

Posted by Pray for Me Campaign Students on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

“Cause us to run to you with each and every F E A R so that they may be swallowed up by your perfect L O V E.” Pg. 46 #whypraywednesday #pfmc

Posted by Pray for Me Campaign Students on Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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3 Ways You Can Serve Teenagers in Your Church

The Gospel Coalition: Jaquelle Crowe

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Book Review:

How the Gospel Transforms Teenagers Like Me

The Gospel Coalition: Melissa and Emma Kruger


Join God’s Mission through Prayer

Wyciffe Bible Translators: How to Pray

Click to learn more about where it all began...

Click to learn more about where it all began...


"Prayer changes everything"

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BLOG: Walk with us 

The Blog is a recently updated space for you to read, learn and walk alongside of us as we journey through prayer, learn to strengthen each other and grow in the gospel together.

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Feature 1

The teen years have been scary. Here’s what you can do to help fearful teens like me.


Feature 2

Paul Tripp writes that prayer can be disarming. What does that mean for me and the way I pray?  

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Feature 3

When did it become the norm to engage and interact with others who belong only to our same generation? Where did we learn this? How do we unlearn it?

"May the magnificence of Jesus capture your hearts daily!  May prayer become as natural and vital for you as breathing!  May you become relentlessly courageous for the cause of Christ!"

- Tony Souder Founder and Author of the Pray for Me Prayer Guides