frequently asked questions



How much does it cost to launch the Pray for Me Campaign?

  • The only cost to launching the Pray for Me Campaign is the cost of the Prayer Guides. Everything else you need to launch is available for free on our website. 

How can I keep the momentum of the Pray for Me Campaign going throughout the year?

  • A few ways to keep the Pray for Me Campaign alive after the launch event include having Prayer Champions or students share what God has done in their life through the PFMC at a Sunday morning service, sending out regular emails to Prayer Champions encouraging them to continue in prayer for their student, or having a PFMC celebration half-way through the school year or at the end of each year.


What if there aren't enough adults for each generation to be evenly dispersed among the students or families?

  • Every church is different and there will always be adjustments to make the Pray for Me Campaign work best in your setting. There are two goals that should guide you as you think through the practical how-to questions of launching the Campaign:
    • Goal #1: for every student to have at least three Prayer Champions for each school year
    • Goal #2: for every adult who wants to be a Prayer Champion to have the opportunity to pray for a student
  • What if there aren't enough Prayer Champions for all of the students or families to each have three?
    • This can be solved by pairing up a few sets of students before the launch who will go as a group to invite the same three adults to be their Prayer Champions.
  •  What if there are more adults than needed for every student or family to have three?
    • If there are adults who haven't been invited to be Prayer Champions after every student has three, then ask those adults to stand in a certain area and have students go and invite more until everyone has been selected.
  • What if adults aren't evenly distributed across three generations?
    • We want to give young people a taste of prayerful relationships across every generation, but if your church isn't that evenly distributed, don't worry! It's still a huge win for students to have three adults of any age praying for them.

What if there are Prayer Champions or students who can't be at the launch event?

  • Your Campaign Coordinator should compile a list of adults and students or families who cannot be at the launch event and assign them to others on the list or people at the launch event- whatever makes the numbers work best for your church.

How can my church launch the Pray for Me Campaign with youth and children's ministry simultaneously?

  • The Instruction Manual includes a guide for launching the Pray for Me Campaign in youth and children's ministry simultaneously.


Do Prayer Champions need to have the Prayer Guide?

  • The Prayer Guide is one of the most important parts of the Pray for Me Campaign. It's easy to make a commitment to pray for someone for a year, but it's not always easy to actually carry it out. The Prayer Guide provides the momentum and staying power for the Campaign by making it easy and natural for Prayer Champions to pray things for their student that are vital to their flourishing in faith and life.

How can I make a tax-exempt purchase of Prayer Guides?

  • Unfortunately CreateSpace (our book seller) does not offer an option to purchase Prayer Guides tax-exempt. However, any non-profit entity can take their receipt to their local city hall and request a reimbursement for any taxes paid. 

How long do Prayer Guides typically take to be delivered?

  • We recommend that churches order their Prayer Guides two weeks before their launch date. They typically take about a week and a half to be delivered, but CreateSpace advises that you allow two weeks.

Can I return unused Prayer Guides?

  • We are not able to offer returns when books are purchased through CreateSpace (our main book seller). We recommend churches keep any extra books for Prayer Champions who may want to sign up after the launch event has happened or for the following year's launch event. If you order books through Amazon, their return policy applies.

There are 13 weeks of prayers in the Prayer Guide; does a Prayer Champion pray through them more than once?

  • Yes. A Prayer Champion who is praying every day will cycle through the prayers in the Prayer Guide three times in a school year.